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Dear friend.

Thank you for visiting my website.

As a musician I have worked with labels in the past but for many reasons I am releasing this album on my own with my own resources.

I am sure you are familiar with the challenges of the music industry and being a musician in today's music market. As musicians we need your support more than ever in order to be able to have our music heard.

Your genuine support and taking a few minutes of your time will play an important part in in pushing this album to the next level in this very crowded online realm.

To the contrary of the recent online trend "crowd funding", I choose to not ask money for nothing but the finished downloadable product.

For your convenience, I wanted to give you the option of purchasing through iTunes and PayPal. However my own transaction platform will be the one I'd greately appreciate your consideration of purchasing the downloads through.

Please feel free to share my link and help put the word out.


Thank you for your support


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